Salute to anti-flood hero, offer advice for flood control



Sine June this year, heavy rain occurred in the most area of China Southern. Chongqing, Anhui, Hubei, Shandong and Fujian issued continued rainstorm warning signals, some cities even had the strongest rainfall since 1983.

    When the flood comes, the most lovely people will be in the first line. Salute to anti-flood hero!

    Responding to natural disasters, the science and technology shall be ahead. In the past, we have to use sunken ship and truck to plug the burst, even human sea to fight with flood. Now, we have different ways to deal with different burst and piping according to different land form, river way, flow rate and flow direction. Equipped with professional rescue equipment, the flood-fighting and emergency rescues will be more accurate and efficient.

    All kind of anti-flood artifact.

【Artifact I: water-control foldable mobile water plugging wall】
【Artifact II: intelligent excavator like Thousand-hand Bodhisattva and can walk】
【Artifact III: Steel-wood earth-rock dam (cofferdam) like a potted plant】
    To be honest, each kind of anti-flood artifact rely on modern science and technology played a very important role in fight floods and provide relief, and effectively reduced people's personal and property losses. However, we shall be proceed from our national conditions, and to know why it hurts us in each flood.

    The fact is: the most important link is damming and banking before the flood coming, depended on the block. The ecological slope protection, anti flood and sea tide all cannot leave it ( see picture).
Now n new anti-flood artifact is made by S.L Machinery will be introduced to everyone---Movable Foundation Block Machine.

    This is a new product independent designed by S.L Machinery, and get the patent intellectual property. The block dimension produced by this machine is 2400x800x600mm, and the weight is 5T, to fill the gaps in the domestic market. This machine’s advantage is fast production and easy installation. Besides, this machine investment is small, and investment cost is about one fifth of the same products in China.

    The block produced by the machine can be used on ecological slope protection, anti flood and sea tide, retaining wall and foundation.