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Traditional road
With the development of social economy and city construction process, the surface of the modern city gradually covered by buildings of reinforced concrete and impermeable pavement, compared with natural soil, modern surface caused a series of problems to the city, which mainly manifested in the following aspects:

(1) impervious roads hinder the infiltration of rainwater, so that rainwater supplement to groundwater is blocked, coupled with excessive extraction of groundwater, urban ground prone to sinking.
(2) the traditional dense pavement surface, tire noise. The vehicle at high speed, the tire will be rolled into the air into the tire and pavement, to tire rolled over the air, and the rapid expansion of noise, the noise of rain is particularly obvious, affect the life and work of residents.
(3) the traditional city road impervious structure, rainwater excluded by the road surface, the discharge capacity is limited, when encountered heavy rain or heavy rain, rain on the road to gather, heavily focused on motor vehicle and bicycle lanes, leading to a wide range of water surface.
(4) impervious surface reduces air humidity and accelerates the formation of urban heat island effect.
(5) impervious surface is "dead ground", it will affect the ground ecosystem, which makes water ecosystem can not be normal cycle, breaking the balance of urban ecosystem, affecting the normal growth of vegetation.

Sponge City
Sponge city refers to the city can be like a sponge, in the rain, water, water and other functions can be achieved, when needed, and the water can be released and utilized, so as to effectively alleviate the contradiction between the city and the city water resources shortage of waterlogging, and help to repair the city water ecological environment.

The construction of economic benefits should not be overlooked the sponge city. Sponge city construction attaches great importance to the protection and utilization of natural water systems, greatly reducing the construction of drainage pipes and reinforced concrete pool engineering. Storage facilities often with the existing city green space, landscape, landscape water combination, the net cost is relatively low, but also significantly reduce the water environmental pollution control costs, reduce losses caused by waterlogging in the city.

Build a city must have the "sponge ". City "sponge" includes not only the river, lake, pond water, including green, garden, permeable pavement like city facilities. The rain through the "sponge" infiltration, storage, purification and reuse, the last remaining part of the runoff through the pipe, pump discharge, which can effectively improve the city drainage system, mitigation of city water logging stress.

Permeable brick
Permeable brick is a kind of floor tiles laid on the ground, its biggest function is pervious to water, its structure is filled with pores so that it can effectively discharge water. In addition to pervious to this function, it also has antifreeze, wear-resistant, non slip function. Is to solve the urban surface hardening, creating high-quality natural living environment, maintaining the ecological balance of the city and the grand birth of the new century environmental protection building materials products. It can keep the water permeability, moisture of the ground, non slip, high strength, cold resistance, weathering resistance, noise reduction, sound absorption characteristics. It uses slag waste, waste ceramics as raw materials, after two molding, is a green environmental protection products. So what are the characteristics of permeable bricks, so that it is so concerned in the market:

1, with good permeability, breathable performance, allowing rapid infiltration of rainwater into the ground, adding soil water and groundwater, maintaining soil moisture, improve urban ground plants and soil microbial survival conditions.
2, can absorb moisture and heat, adjust the local surface space temperature and humidity, to adjust the urban microclimate, alleviate urban heat island effect have a greater role.
3, can reduce urban drainage and flood control pressure, to prevent public water pollution and sewage treatment has good effect, make the road without water.
4, after the rain water, snow does not slip, facilitate safe travel.
5, the surface is tiny bump, prevent the road surface reflection, absorb the noise generated when the vehicle traveling, can improve the traffic comfort and safety.
6, rich colors, natural simplicity, affordable, specifications diversification.

Range of use
Sidewalks and bike paths
Ground decoration in the community
Landscape road and city square
Next to the swimming pool and the stadium
Community fire corridors and lightweight roads
Golf course tram road
Outdoor parking lot
Water permeable brick production equipment
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Quanzhou Sanlian brick, dozens of old, multi function (can produce permeable pavement brick, wall brick, grass planting brick and road stone block, intelligent (PLC) motor control, vibration control, hydraulic cylinder, auxiliary action) and easy operation of molding system (ingredients can be set into the central control system. The interface more simple)
Integrated control