Concisely Unique Style of Prefabricated Building



 Recently, the State Council executive meeting examined and approved the "guidance on developing prefabricated construction", and issued by the local, to carry out various units. "Opinions" put forward in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta urban agglomeration as the key areas, the population of permanent residents in more than 3 million other cities to actively promote region, the rest of the cities to encourage the region, adjust measures to local conditions development of prefabricated concrete structure, steel structure and modern wooden prefabricated construction, etc. With 10 years or so, the prefabricated buildings account for 30% of new buildings.
    What is a prefabricated building? Prefabricated construction refers to the use of prefabricated components are assembled in site construction. The advantage of this architecture is to build speed, small controlled by climatic conditions, saving labor and to improve the quality of construction. The practical characteristics, will slowly infiltrate various buildings.

Simple Construction----Block Building
    Prefabricated buildings can implement of components, construction industrialization and industrialization. It will produce the required materials: cladding, inside wall panel, composite plate, the balcony, air conditioning board, stairs, precast beams and precast column into the overall components are manufactured in factory, such as built in reliable assembly connection way. Has often been compared to is like building a house, "" as the building blocks.
Simplicity of space - Intuitive type of architecture
    By a small piece of material (sintered products standard brick) to large pieces of wall materials, large sheet to light wall materials and composite plate direction, i.e. to develop in the direction of prefabricated building wall, the assembled modular house, is going to change the original houses set space limitations. Housing will form a big whole space of the type of intuitive, facing the sun and the distance, solid durability. The effect of the whole make housing construction effect becomes more simple and beautiful.
Simplicity of ecological environment - green building
    Prefabricated buildings are green, environmental protection, low carbon, energy-saving building. Concentration of industrialized production, comprehensive energy consumption is low, construction energy-saving and efficient thermal insulation wall body, the factory prefabrication, a substantial reduction in the operation of dust, noise and water pollution, etc. Adhere to the principle of sustainable development in the construction of our country in economy, humanist, the development of green building, especially residential projects to save resources and protect the environment on the prominent position, greatly promote the development of green building.

    Prefabricated buildings will become more and more popular, whose development is considerable. Loading configuration needed for building the wall must be light, shock, heat preservation and heat insulation, prevent aging characteristics of composite lightweight insulation wall is the first choice of prefabricated construction wallboard, his nature and prefabricated construction wallboard structure formed a perfect match you need.

    Composite lightweight wall panel composite national wall materials innovation and promoting energy conservation and recycling of industrial policy is a modern building gradually to the framework, the needs of the development of the direction of big width room, also improve the building function, improve the quality of construction and construction effect, to realize the sustainable development of building modernization needs. Same as the prefabricated construction, has the strong vitality and broad prospects for development.
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